June 23, 2018

Northern California Pirate Festival XII

Northern California Pirate Festival: Captain Angus and Mermaid Rachel

Hello again fellow Merfolk and Humans,

The Northern California Pirate Festival was a first time experience for me. It was even better attending the event as a professional Merman working with Divebar Sacramento and the Divebar Mermaids. At first, I was blown away by the amount of work that this event puts into building a fully immersive Pirate world.

While approaching my lagoon-home for the first time, I was in awe of the structures that were created specifically for us Divebar Mermaids. The Northern California Pirate Festival created a fully functional traveling tank for performances as well as a full size above ground pool/lagoon to lure in unsuspecting Humans. They even incorporated a tankless water heater so we can adapt to our natural environment. This by all means, is one of the best setups a performing mermaid and merman could ever encounter.

While swimming the first day, we were struck with seriously strong gusts of wind, which almost took down our beautifully hand painted backdrop created by Rachel and Jeff, (For more information on the painters, please private message me). Low and behold, the Pirates from Brotherhood of the Black Flag (pirates for hire), and The Northern California Pirate Festival Staff came to the rescue. Using Rope, random pieces of wood, and tools, they were able to stabilize the frame and keep the show afloat (pun intended). Also, many volunteers came to our aid by blocking off the entire area to keep those pesky humans and pirates safe. This was a truly heartwarming experience.

Merman Thommy Fan Art by Unknown ArtistThroughout the day, I got to meet many fans, young and old, and even got my first in-person fan art which brightened my day yet again. I ate some amazing Human food in the form of “meat pies” and “caramel kettle corn”. There was an awesome variety of pirate art, clothing, entertainment, and activities. My fellow mermaids put on an incredible kid’s show and coated the crowd in giant bubbles.

The following day, the winds died down and the heat came back. We had an amazing day of performances and photo opportunities. Seeing the general public’s eyes light up with magic made me forget that the weekend was coming to a close. To celebrate, we all went to bungee bounce together, zipline, and play inside of giant floating bubbles. A true Merman and Mermaid dream!

If you have not yet been to this wonderful gathering please add it to your plans for next year. Definitely a must see fair!

With all of this in mind I could write a novel based on this weekend alone. This is the reason I love what I do and can’t wait for next year.

Check out this video montage of this amazing weekend!

Photo and video credits: Keel Haul K

One Comment on “Northern California Pirate Festival XII

Barbara Evangelista
November 11, 2018 at 8:56 am

My kid Tory (artist name Tortoise) is tickled pink to see their art on the internet. We’re both big fans of the merpeople.


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